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Notable Announcements for Your Team in Slack

A quick way to get important messages to your team

How It Works

Type /notable in your chat command line, and it’ll hashtag your message as notable, and post it in the #general room. You can do this from any channel in Slack.

At the end of the day, you’ll also get emailed all the #notable announcements from the day. If you add additional hashtags, like #newfeature, your announcements will get grouped by these hashtags in the email:

Why the Harvest Team Uses Notable Announcements in Slack

How do we communicate important announcements to our 45 person team across nine different countries here at Harvest? We use a single email to aggregate all of the team’s notable messages for the day. It’s the one email that everyone on the team reads every day. It highlights notable things like:

This email highlights notable, company-wide announcements so that they don’t get lost amid GIFs and emojis in Slack.

Installing Notable Announcements for Your Team

Before you begin, you’ll need:

Now let’s get started:

1. Create A New App in Heroku
2. Get Your API Keys from Slack
3. Final Steps in Heroku

That's it! You're ready to starting using /notable in Slack!


Have questions or issues? Contact Harvest support and we’ll help you sort it out.